1) North Korea : Peace is a choice

Korean Peninsula has become what it is, how the continued absence of peace affects the daily lives of the people on both sides (with a special focus on those in the North, whom we know so little about), what the prospects for peace are, what the armistice / truce means as opposed to a peace treaty, why the people of North Korea deserve to live in a peaceful land as much as anyone else, and most importantly, what we can do in order to facilitate tolerance, intercultural understanding and ultimately, peace.

2) JCI HK Jayceettes 45th Anniversary Present: 

Care & Dare “A Bright New Horizon” Campaign Kick-off Ceremony cum Educational Seminar

The seminar aims to enhance public understanding of the work of Hong Kong Correctional Department Rehabilitated Unit, and the Psychological Services for inmates with a view to improve their institutional adjustment and general mental health as well as to change their offending behaviours. 

This year, we aim to build social peace, to foster mutual care and concern to our local community. In order to build a harmonious society, JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes 45th Anniversary Presents: Care & Dare “A Bright New Horizon” Campaign, a series of activities will be launched in 2014. This campaign aims to offer opportunities for the neglected group of rehabilitated young female ex-offenders to re-integrate into the community and to enhance public awareness of supporting rehabilitation.  We are honored to have Mr. Ben KUEN, Winner of 2008 Ten Outstanding Young Person as our Guest speaker of the kick-off ceremony and to share his personal successful stories.  

3) Education Seminar: How to be an Active Citizen? Organized by JCI HK

Junior Chamber International advocates the idea of "Be active citizens since we are small". This workshop aims to promote the concept of active citizenship and discuss several related concepts, including how to analyze the needs of the community, fundamental issues of the community with different work plans, and cooperation with various organizations to achieve an effective, long-term and positive impact for the community.