Solicitation of Support & Benefits to Sponsors

You are cordially invited to support “the Peace for All・Youth Programme” as Financial Sponsor (Note 1).

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Sponsorship types


Benefit packages



n   Name in Souvenir Programme

Classic sponsor


n   Name in Souvenir Programme and Website

n   Insertion of sponsor’s marketing materials into the Peace for

     All Youth Programme packs

Silver sponsor


n   Those benefits of Classic sponsor

n   Corporate Logo in promotional materials, including leaflets, 

     posters, souvenir programme and backdrop

n   Invitation to networking sessions of the Peace for All Youth Programme




n   Those benefits of Silver sponsor

n   Involvement of sponsoring organization in activity planning, 

     e.g. performing team

n   Involvement of sponsoring organization staff, e.g. as keynote speakers, 

     mentors and instructors

Platinum sponsor


(ONE only)

n   Those benefits of Gold sponsor

n   Eligible to host a specific event


1.  UNESCO Hong Kong Association is a recognized charitable organization. Donation over HK$100 is tax deductible.

2.  Position of logo arrangement is at the discretion of UNESCO HK.