Intangible Cultural Hertiage of Hong Kong - Hong Kong Style Milk Tea 

The Cha Chan Tan developed from its earliest precursor, the street Cafe, (Dai-pai-dong) to the “Ice-chamber” (Bing-sat – a cafe for cold drinks) in the 1950s, to its present form. My father and uncles started the early Cha Chan Tan. In the 1920s, my forth uncle opened “Bright Sun Coffee”. In the 1930s, my father opened the “Tsit Wing Emporium”. My tenth uncle opened Lan Heung Kok (Parlor) and my thirteen uncle launched “Wing Fong Cafe” in To Kwa Wan in the 40s. The famous “Kowloon Cafe” at Shanghai Street and the still existing Hoi-On Cafe in Sheung Wan were started by my father in the 1950s. In the 1960s, he further established the “Coffee Saloon” in West Point. My seventh uncle started the “Lan Heung Cafe” in Central. Have a cup of Hong Kong Style Milk Tea, and understand the history of Cha Chan Tans. Get a touch of Hong Kong Spirit, and re-live the feel and smell of some of our collective memories. Let’s refresh ourselves, get re-charged and re-energized with a cup of Hong Kong coffee and milk tea for today’s work!

Mr. Simon Wong J.P.
Association of Coffee and Tea of Hong Kong